New Bulk Billing Doctors in Caroline Springs

Active Medical Bulk Billing

More bulk billing doctors are now available for families in Caroline Springs in response to a community survey that called for better access to quality doctors who bulk bill their services.

Active Medical has revamped its services to give patients access to bulk billed consultations. The change has followed a survey which was designed to reach out to the community and find out what they were looking for in their local medical centre. Responses indicated that people are actively searching for cost effective GP services that offer high quality health care.
The community has spoken and the team at Active Medical have listened. Bulk billing is now available for GP consultations at Active Medical Centre in Caroline Springs. The manager at Active Medical, Mr Raphael Sammut was pleased with the amount of participants who embraced the survey. “This gives us a real insight into what the local community are looking for in their medical centre”, Mr Sammut said. “We want to take this opportunity to thank survey participants for their input. It has really helped to shape the future of Active Medical. Thank you for your feedback.”
“Active Medical believe in building a team of high quality skilled GPs and Health Professionals who are interested in contributing to long-term community health and well-being,” Mr Sammut said.
Active Medical is a family run and GP owned practice that believes in offering an active model of care with an un-compromised approach to community healthcare.
“The best way to achieve long-term health is with ongoing support from a proactive medical clinic– that is the gap we will aim to fill at Active Medical”, Mr Sammut said. “We will provide Bulk Billed Consultations as well as the opportunity to see a highly skilled GP who you can build a long-term relationship with, so you’ve got the best chance of being and staying healthy.”
For your convenience Pathology and Radiology services are onsite, as well as Allied Health Professionals including a Psychologist, Dietician, Podiatrist, Diabetes Educator and Exercise Physiologist.
Parking is available at the rear of the building for all Active Medical patients, including a designated disabled parking space.
Mr Sammut said patients that need advice about the billing changes or to make an appointment with a Bulk Billing GP were welcome to phone the team at Active Medical Centre, Caroline Springs on 9363 0954, book online here or visit Active Medical at 228 – 232 Caroline Springs Blvd, Caroline Springs.